Dolmens, standing stones and other types of megalith (prehistoric structures built with large stones) are often associated with misty Atlantic regions with imposing sea cliffs topped by meadows, pastures and moss-carpeted oak woods... The image is true enough but incomplete. The megalithic monuments of Europe are spread through Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, France, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden... and Catalonia too! It is here in Catalonia that they are to be found both beside the Mediterranean sea – among vineyards, scrub and scattered woodland – and away from it, inland, among fields of cereals and oak woods. The north of Catalonia is very rich in these monuments of a ritual and funerary nature, often surrounded by an aura of magic and mystery.

The outing is tailored to suit you, bringing you to the part of the country with the most and the oldest (3,500 to 2,200 years before Christ) dolmens - as ancient as the oldest structures in the Atlantic regions. By combining short walks with journeys by vehicle we will take in the main clusters of dolmens and other megaliths in the area. We will be walking through an open, panoramic countryside, enjoying all at once the captivating blue of the sea as a backdrop to lonely coves and cosy bays, ancient villages of white fishermen’s houses, Romanesque hermitage and sanctuary chapels where time seems to stand still and the scrub which in springtime splashes this wonderful landscape with bright colours.

Your guide is an expert in megalithic culture who is also highly knowledgeable about the geography, flora, fauna, habitats and traditional and modern uses made by people of the land in the area you are about to discover.